Did You Hear…?



GOSSIP idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others.

There is always this need for people to know who it is you share your bed or intimate space with.

We are all guilty at some point or another of wanting to know who was with whom.  It becomes a problem when we obsess so much over other people’s personal lives that we begin to formulate ideas and create stories to fill that void or satisfy that ‘need’.

Having had a discussion with a friend recently, he said “this place is like high school…’’ and I echo his sentiments 100 percent. Although he made reference to a particular place, we can find these ‘high schools’ in almost every setting and organization in society. It is in high school that girls find themselves in fights over the popular guy; guys find themselves having multiple girlfriends to boost their LITTLE egos and show off to their friends. It is in high school that you have so much free time to devote to idle chatter, gossip and cat fights.  With that being said, where do ADULTS with jobs and careers, children and partners, bills and debts… responsibilities, find that much time to dedicate to high school drama? It amazes me!

A little gossip is unavoidable for sure, and we all find ourselves from time to time chit chatting, but it’s to what extent that makes the difference. If you find that your gossip is always centered around other people, their sexuality and the amount of partners they’ve had, then let me be the one to tell you that YOUR PRIORITIES ARE TWISTED AND YOU NEED A PERSONAL LIFE!

Let’s firstly tackle the issue of sexuality…

We live in a sexually fluid world. And by that I mean, A LOT has changed over the years whether it is reflected in your laws or not. From the United States where it is your legal right to marry the same sex; To Jamaica, where our laws ask of us to keep our intimacy in the privacy of our homes; To Nigeria where same sex relationships are punishable by fines, imprisonment or death… In the end it is our right to love who we want to. We have ALL sinned and haven fallen short in some way, so what gives us the right judge someone else? What gives us the right the belittle another because of who he or she loves? And if it is that who you love shares the same sex organs, whose business is it anyways? I’ve said all that to say, what is the fascination with people’s sexuality? Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender… it’s nothing new!!!  So why the hot topic about who you lie with?

Secondly, how many partners do you really have…

I’ve already written a blog titled ‘What’s Your Number’ that addresses the amount of partners one can or should have, and frankly it’s nobody’s business. I find that we are always quick to pin people together without the facts.

‘Oooh she showed up to work in his car all week.’

‘Yea, you saw how he smiled at her… mmhmm’

‘They’re too close to just be friends’

‘You know how she got that position right?’

But why do we even need facts, when it isn’t our darn business?!

Newsflash.. people can really just be friends, No Strings Attached!

People treat gossip like a weapon or cure… You think you know that one thing about someone else that no else knows. And you treat that information like the cure for cancer. And every time you let someone else in on the cure, you lose control and that cure becomes the weapon you have used to destroy someone’s character. Before you know it, the cure has no value and you now need to find a cure for AIDS. The cycle continues with every new face, new name, new victim.

When will it stop?

But the bigger question is… If your gossip is indeed true, then SO WHAT?

What do you now do with that information? Did it make you richer, healthier, smarter, younger, better looking… did it secure your place in Heaven?

If not then… SO WHAT?





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