The Popularity of Oral

If you are from, associated with, or know anything about Jamaica, then you’ll know that the mention of the word ‘oral’ automatically warrants a raised brow response. Well, fast forward a couple years, and it’s rather surprising to see and hear how much we have embraced the ‘oral culture’.
In Jamaica we have colorful ways of saying things… bow cat, nyam, eat, head, brain, chicken head and the list goes on.
The correct terms however:
Cunnilingus-Oral stimulation of the clitoris or vulva.
Fellatio- Oral stimulation of the penis. 
Though none of the above mentioned is new to society or at least the Jamaican society, it was never glorified to the degree it is at now. In fact, ‘fire bun’ on any man or woman who is known to partake in such ‘freaky’ acts. It was one of those taboo things, and people would hide the fact that they do it. Better yet, the easiest way to disrespect someone or embarrass them, was to accuse them of engaging in the act.
Now in 2014, it has become the norm for men and women to openly admit that they are partakers of this once ‘freaky’ act. What people do in the privacy of their homes is not my concern; what I’m talking about is the fact that mentioning oral sex is a pick up line these days.
As a woman, with every approach from the opposite sex, they make mention of the fact that they’ll lick, eat, taste and bite every crevice of the female body. For women who aren’t exposed, maybe it’s a deal maker, but for me (not saying that I’m use to it) but for me, I need to know you and you need to know me before you can bring certain aspects of intimacy into play. I wonder if these men that go around promising ALL women a taste, know anything about their sexual history and how clean these women are.
I always hit them with questions:
Do you know me?
Do you know how many men I’ve slept with? 
Do you know my medical history?
How do you know I’m not infected? 
If you ask me, ‘if you eat at too much yard, you must have running belly.’ I don’t trust a mouth that licks all plates. It’s actually one of the biggest turn offs for me when men approach me with that.
Now I can’t speak for the men as it relates to  women approaching them, but from the info I’ve gathered from my male friends, it is also something women use to get to men who may be out of their league, or men who aren’t easily swayed.
I will admit that in this changing time, more and more things are becoming acceptable, or at least out in the open . Also with people like Vybz Kartel ( and I love his music) who pretty much shoved in our faces, women aren’t afraid to say ‘yes, I do it or I’ll do it.’ In fact it’s all I hear in the songs these days… Men telling women to do it, women admitting that they do it, and a few brave men who’ll actually hint at doing it. I remember when Cecile did a song back in the day called ‘Do it to me’, and the backlash that followed. Had she done that song today I’m sure the responses would have been way different. Our musical acts today openly sing about it and it’s ok. Men and women openly discuss it and no one cares anymore. It has become the ‘go to line of discussion’ when trying to appeal to the opposite sex. But it still leaves me wondering ‘what’s with the popularity oral?’ 
I have no problem with people exploring their intimate side, but I believe it should remain between two people are open and honest with each other, and committed to the extent where these sexual favours are privy to only them. Don’t go offering every woman or every man the wrath of your tongue… ESPECIALLY TO PEOPLE YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. And then we wonder why there are so many diseases around.
How many of these men are using dental dams when performing oral sex with random women?
How many of these women are insisting that the men to give ‘head’ to, use a condom?
How many people inquire about the other person’s sexual history?
How many random people do you spread your face for?
All being said and done, to each his own. My only thing is, if you don’t know me then don’t step to me with your oral tendencies hoping I’ll be frightened. Stop offering every woman and or man your tongue… Have some pride! Keep your bedroom acts in your bedroom, and keep your wagging tongues off the streets. Reserve a little bit of the intimacy for the ones most deserving, and stop trying to ‘clean’ up. It’s a turn off!
Side note: Some a unu mouth must stink… Yuck!