Stop Making Excuses For Him!!!

At age 28, too many times I see women making excuses for the dumb shit their men do. Too often he fucks up, and we take the blame. 
He cheats; we say maybe I didn’t do enough to keep him home, maybe I didn’t give him enough sex or sexual favors.
He lies; we say maybe I made it hard for him to tell tell the truth, maybe he’s protecting my feelings and doesn’t want to hurt me.
He’s disrespectful; we say maybe I made him mad or I said something mean first and that’s why he responds or acts the way he does.
He’s abusive; we say he hits me to keep me in check, he only wants me to be the best person I can be. 
I could on and on about the dumb excuses we make to make their asses look good when they are messing up, but I’m sure you get the picture.
Before I go any further, this blog is in no way an attack on men; if anything it’s targeting women! Because in this the 21st century, I am in awe as to how dumb some women can be and how they choose to settle in bullshit situations and make stupid ass excuses. I am very passionate about this blog because it’s something I see with my very own eyes, day in and day out and it annoys me. 
I am not going to pretend like at some point in my life I haven’t made an excuse or two for the one I’m with, BUT when all you do is defend someone’s wrong and carry their cross, it makes me wonder how low our self esteem and self worth really is. Do we need a man’s justification to feel like we have value. I think we have come way too far in fighting for gender equality, and being on the same level as men, for us to take this HUGE step back, by being shitted on by men. To me we have given back to them, what we fought so damn hard for. 
I want to know at what point did we become so backward, that we resort to being submissive and devalued because we are the ‘inferior’ sex? I want to know when did it become acceptable for women to be burden bearers and be crucified for crimes we didn’t commit? I want to know when did women become so belittled that we give of our worth to protect a man’s pride and ego.
They say maturity has a lot to do with the way we behave and operate in relationships. But being mature can only get you that far. I think at some point you need to be street smart. And by street Smart I mean, taking advice from someone who has already played your role; going beyond the books and figuring out on your own right from wrong; having that sixth sense or that third eye. Being able to decipher and make intelligent decisions based on what you know and feel to be acceptable. Street smarts can’t be taught in schools but you learn it the hard way. And that’s what a lot on women are throwing out the door, by playing by the books. We are far past the stage of playing by the books, because men don’t! So we need to be on their level and show them that we too know how to ride the same wave they ride. 
Men will be men, and when we let them, then don’t you think they are going to treat us any kind of way. We let them!!! So yes it’s wrong for them to treat us like garbage, but if we let them and defend the treatment then wtf do you expect in return but flies, additional waste and more shit! I have already received my lesson by being there and back, and I can’t hold it against a man for being a man… But I will hold it against a woman, for not being a woman. So go ahead and let him… If not, stop making excuses for him!!! 
Again I am NOT bashing our men; they are who they are. And though I hate to even entertain the thought that they were born with asshole tendencies, I also can’t be too surprised when they mess up because it’s in their nature. But what I REFUSE to accept, is a woman who accepts their behavior with open arms and then take the blame for themselves. A can’t accept a woman choice to be reduce to dirt for a man’s sake. I WILL NOT accept a woman making herself dumb to make any man look good. WTF! STOP IT WOMEN!!!
Then you expect him to change…*shrugs*