The Browning Syndrome… Colour Blocking


For the slave minded though we are free from slavery. For those who still find the need to block a certain color.

I will firstly issue this disclaimer: Please note that I, in no way, shape or form intend to offend anyone with this piece. I can only speak from my perspective. They say he who feels it knows it. These are just my experiences and it says nothing about personal prejudices. Please do not misinterpret this article.

We fought so hard to be regarded as equals with the light skinned folks, but it’s a disgrace to see how much damage we’ve done to our bodies in trying to achieve what society says is the right color.  And though the situation is extremely sad, I can understand why some of us would do what we can to fit in. Who wants to be an outcast?

Society tells us what’s beautiful. For years our idol has been the Barbie doll; thin frame, hips, breasts, small waist, light skin, blue eyes and long hair. The magazines make adjustments to suit their beauty concepts. But who really can live up to the standards set by a doll? And the music videos adds fuel to the flame, so too does our advertising and marketing strategies.

Back in the day the light skin was the color that most dark skin people wouldn’t be paired with. The light skin tone was the standard, and blacks were below that standard. That rule stands in today’s ‘modern world’ where successful men move on to light skin women as it is a sign that they have reached. They’ve climbed the social ladder and a light skin on their arm is living proof of that. Look at most of our local celebrities; how much of them are with the girl from across the street that he played ‘mama n papa’ with? How much of them are with girl who helped him with homework, while he was more focused on writing rhymes as a budding musician? How much of them wife a dark chick once they’ve climbed that social ladder? Not saying that they don’t, but how much of them do? Black women are seen as the stepping stones to a black man’s dream of the light skin. We are the practice for perfecting the light skin craft.

Little black girl’s aren’t to be educated, because school and who could afford it was a privilege, and slaves had no privilege. Little black girls aren’t to be house wives, they are housemaids. Little blacks girls aren’t to be advertised as beauties because that’s an insult to the light skin who owns little black girls.

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Friends with Benefits


We’ve all seen the movie right? Guy meets girl and they are both not emotionally ready to be committed. They make a deal to remain friends who happen to have sex when the need arises. We are all humans with needs and why be random in trying to satisfy that need, when we can have that one go-to person right? I mean if it gets to be too intense then you break it off, but keep the friendship. No strings attached- another movie of the same nature- just friends, no emotions, just sex.

Before I share my views, let me say I did a mini research on the topic and these are some of the responses.

TC: If both parties can handle it then go ahead. There will be little to no expectations, except with an ex where feelings can come back into play.

MS: It can be done as long as the rules are PROPERLY laid out BEFORE you hit the sack. Rules should be defined and parameters MUST be set.

RI: It’s probably a good start for persons with broken hearts.

JC: Dangerous grounds… one person will eventually want more than a friendship, not necessarily a relationship but a certain level of respect towards them.

 CG: I tried it and failed. Fell for the person and SHE made it clear she only wanted sex. “I’m always the one who is just super caring, too nice and easy to fall in love.” It may be for persons who secretly want to date but want to be apart also. You like someone and want to be with them but in the same breath like your freedom.

S: If both parties fully understand the terms and are benefiting then it’s a yes.

CW: If you can do it without making the friendship complicated and you know your boundaries then go for it.

AL: It’s something that can work as long as both parties understand the roles they play, as well as the terms and conditions of the agreement.

CS: It’s ok as long as both parties are aware of what it is and what it entails. Both parties should knowingly participate. Some men are just good for sex, they possess no characteristics of a keeper. Abide by the rules, no cuddling after sex, no sharing of personal info. No dinner and movies. If you want him as a keeper, fuck him senseless and leave until you need the ‘D’ again. Make things happen on your terms and be in control. Men hate the idea of being used which is why walking away after mind blowing sex without a call or check-up will make him want to pursue you. Be the alpha.

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NEW VIDEO: @PopcaanMusic – Unruly Rave


13th Street Promotions


Today’s new video comes from the leader of the “Unruly Gang“, Popcaan. Titled “Unruly Rave” and directed by Niko, we see Popcaan in Canada preparing to go to a party with friends and it moves to scenes of girls drinking and patrons partying with the deejay. Very clean video, the song currently heating up in Jamaica and could be dubbed as a “Summer Song“. Da party yah buck yuh…..yeah you know the word. What you think of the video? Check it out below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Friendships and Relationships… the way I see it.


In this day and age it seems like everyone is walking out on friendships. It makes you wonder if there were any real friendships to begin with. But, there are REAL people left in the world, it just takes a little while to find them. Some start out as diamonds in the roughs, while some stood out as the pearl in the oyster from the start.

As a true friend, one should be able to correct each other without persons being offended to the point where they are willing to give up on the friendship. There is no perfect friend and we’ll all mess up at some point or another, but if it means anything to the parties involved, you work through your differences and move on; that’s what makes the friendship stronger.

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PICS: @RealiOctane x @REPJA “Buss A Blank” T-Shirt Popup Shop At @BaseKingston

I OCTANE Launches T-Shirt line. See pics via

13th Street Promotions


On Saturday June 15, clothing company REPJA and Reggae artist I Octane launched their collaboration in the form of a t-shirt at the premiere clothing store “Base Kingston & Belle” located at the Manor Park Plaza. While the event started later than the announced 3 pm, customers and onlookers got to see the new t shirt along with other creations by REPJA owners and designers Andre Allen, Omar Thomas, and Prince Graham. Since their inception in 2007, REPJA has managed to gain recognition all over the world. With celebrities such as Shaggy, Leon from Dormtainment, Beenie Man, and Konshens rocking the gear, their collaboration with I Octane marks as their Introduction to the Jamaican market. The design features a robotic hand forming the “gun fingers” gesture to signify the phrase “Buss A Blank” which is the name of I Octane’s

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The Day My Heart Died

The Day My Heart Died

The day you said ‘I love you’ and you know you lied,
Was the very day my heart broke, crashed and later died.

The day you told me sweet things then cursed me in the same breath,
Was the day my heart contracted and was suffocated to death.

The day you promised me honesty when you knew you never would,
Was the day I had no movement because still my heart it stood.

The day you told me ‘no’, when you didn’t even try,
Was the day my heart was weary from all the tears that I cried.

The day you cuddled and hugged me, then turn around and hit me,
Was the day my heart was bruised and swollen ‘til it couldn’t fit me.

The day you made me happy then in the next minute made me sad,
Was the day my heart fell ill from being torn apart so bad.

Because we’ve all been broken…

I AM MS DADRIAN… Be Blessed!

♫♫Simply Soulful_Dadrian (Souls Mix)♫♫

♫♫Simply Soulful_Dadrian (Souls Mix)♫♫

♫♫We all know i’m the Muzik Junkie right, and lately I’ve found comfort in these peaceful, soulful R&B songs. So without ever having done anything like this before, I decided to try a mixtape (kinda) It’s just a collection of my current favorites. Most of them are quite popular. So if you are a lover of music like I am, feel free to download the mix. Hope you like it♫♫

♫♫MuZiK iS LiFe♫♫

LINK >>>