He Touched Me

He Touched Me…Image

The first time I met you; you smiled and winked your eye,
Giving me only words, cause sentences come off as a pry.
Conversation was small, still I had a ball and on top of that…
You Touched Me.
For every time you would pass me and give me the innocent ‘’HI’’
Could mean that you were fronting, or maybe you’re just plain shy.
Whatever the case, just seeing your face is enough for you to…
Touch Me.
For every time we would talk, whether a call or even by text,
It always leaves me wondering, ‘what the hell is he gonna do next’
Though strange he may be and one may not see, it somehow managed to…
Touch Me.
At times you’d send mix signals which don’t say much at all,
But then you’d erase my doubts with a message or a phone call.
Then that I night I read, your thoughts while in bed, and in a special way…
It Touched Me.
I’d almost given up on you but then I changed my mind,
And in turn your hands ran my neck, my back and my behind.
Oh the feeling I felt, that made my heart melt, when in actuality…
You Touched Me.


Black Girls Rock!

Black Girls Rock

This is for the ones who don’t always win or get it right. The ones who stay up listening to music all night, because it reminds them of their current situation.

The ones who wear their hearts on their sleeves, and hope to God for once they’ll be satisfied. The ones who cry in their pillows because the rest of the world fails to listen.

The ones who take their mistakes as life lessons. The ones who never get what they want or need, but still doesn’t throw a fit. The ones who love with all their hearts though it’s been broken so many times.

This is for the real ones… like this black girl that rocks.

I AM MS DADRIAN 🙂 Be Blessed