Which is more forgivable? 

If you are familiar with the actress Tori Spelling and her story, then you know where this blog is heading. But for those who aren’t, in short, her current husband with whom she shares four children, has stepped outside their marriage and now they are trying to decipher if the relationship is worth saving. She alluded to the fact that if he cheated once or with one person, it makes a world of a difference as opposed to cheating with multiple partners. So my discussion today surrounds forgiveness.
What’s more forgivable, cheating with one person or multiple people? 
Before I go any further let me clearly state, that in NO way shape or form do I condone infidelity. It is unacceptable, disrespectful, hurtful and sometimes just unforgivable. But we are living in a world of sin where people often make mistakes, and sometimes after investing years with someone, it’s hard to just walk away because of that mistake. You wouldn’t want to throw away all that you’ve built together because of someone’s poor judgement. So depending on how many times the same mistake is repeated, it will determine the outcome. 
I asked my girlfriends the question and I’ll share some of the responses. 
There is a twist to the question which some persons picked up on right away because they immediately went beyond the surface. Other responses stayed afloat, but I’ll share that a little later.
The responses:
Cody:  I can forgive a one off “mistake” but a repeat offender should be subject to the wrath of a woman scorned…(none smile)
Tracie: Cheating with multiples is worst, far worst! It’s easier to forgive one but more than one shows that you will do it again given the opportunity. 
Lacye: One person is more forgivable; multiple is where the buck stops.
Roechelle: That one person is gonna be receiving things- emotionally, mentally, physically etc- equivalent to you or even more. 
Cece: Cheating with multiple persons means you’re just a whore(whether male or female whore).Cheating with one person should be the response but it goes deeper,it means your partner actually likes that person in my opinion and will most likely keep cheating with that one person.
Responses from a few male friends all echoed the same sentiment. Cheating is unacceptable, but doing it one time is more forgivable.
I’m on both sides if the fence with this one and I’ll tell you why. Cheating with multiple partners means no attachment. It means you are just not ready for a commitment, and you are incapable of settling at this point. It means to me that you are an addict because one person will never be able to satisfy you. It means to me that if I am going to take that leap of faith and invest in you, I should not expect it to be reciprocated because you are not ready for that kind of exclusivity. It also means you don’t give a damn about your partners feelings, and there is nothing to lose if he/she calls the relationship quits. It also means that I’m at a greater health risk because you are intimate with a wide cross section of people, who may or may not be on the same level of the health scale.
On the other hand, cheating with one person- and here is the twist- it doesn’t necessarily mean one time, cheating with one person repeatedly, means that there is more to that relationship that just the sex. If it were just sex then it could have come from anybody. But the fact that you keep going back, it means that there is a commitment. You’ve become attached to that vagina/penis. Feelings are developing, investments are being made, and you are now settling partly with someone else. That in itself spells destruction! Once emotions become involved, then it’s harder to restrain… The bond will be harder to break and you are now giving to someone else, apart of what belongs to me. You are now dividing your roles and responsibilities, and you are expecting equality from both persons. Were this a polygamous/polyandrous society then multiple partners could work. And even then, spouses have roles and placements; no two people share equal responsibility.
With all that being said, I think cheating in general for both men and women boils down to one thing, having someone else experience the most intimate and vital aspect of that relationship.
For men… The thought of someone else experiencing that sexual intimacy is just unforgivable… Even if it’s just one person, just one time.
For women… It’s sharing aspects of yourself with another women that should be exclusive to just one. Don’t fall in love with her, don’t get emotionally attached and worst don’t give her oral sex. 
At the end of the day, most persons agreed that cheating with one person may be an easier pill to swallow. It is NOT a free pass to go do it, but God forbid it happens, then forgiveness is possible. 
Funny how we are trying to decide the redeemable kind of cheating, instead of avoiding the act all together. Lol
Forgivable cheating, one time, one person or not?

What’s Your Number… The Sex List?


I recently participated in a discussion via a radio programme, about making known the amount of partners you’ve been with. Majority of those who participated in the discussion echoed NO! I was actually one in a handful who said yes but with conditions. My yes doesn’t necessarily come only in the form of numbers, but in deeds and character.

There is this saying that women always divide their number by two (they say 5 when it’s 10), and men multiply their number (they say 10 when it’s actually 5). If there is any truth to it, I can understand why. No woman wants to be seen a ‘bad girl’ or a ‘whore’, and our men were raised and socialized to be a ‘gyalis’ or ‘players’. Our music glorifies men having girls in a bundle, and applauds women who scream ‘One Man’. But let’s talk about it…

When I say make known the amount of partners, I’m not going to give you exact figures, but if the situation arises where I need to make known who I’ve been with then I’m open about that. I don’t want to put my partner in a situation where he hears about Tom, Dick or Harry through other people rather than me. If he asks then I should be the one to tell him. I won’t write names, what we did, how many times, when and where we did it, but if it is on a need to know basis then I’ll let him know. I also think he is entitled to know the kind of person I normally date- the character of the person- because I want to know the kind of girls he’s attracted to. Without being judgemental, I want to know that the others girl are women with morals and values, and are actually women he’s proud to show off.

In doing my mini research and survey for this blog, I got the same responses right across the board. The men don’t want to know numbers, they too want character, and they are looking for patterns. Is she attracted to bad boys, cops, did she date a scammer, does she like tall or short men, rich men or hustlers, things of that nature and not necessarily a fixed figure.  One person actually said numbers can influence outlook. Men formulate an idea of a woman’s past based on the relationship they share; they sometimes generate their own figure based on age and experiences and how women deal with relationships on a whole. We normally take a while longer to get over a break up; we wait a while longer to get physical, it requires a lot more when it comes to intimacy, so men will use those factors and create an acceptable number in their minds. Telling them otherwise will ruin the perception or image they have of you.

The women on the other hand couldn’t care less about their partner’s exes. They only want to know about his health and how careless or not he has been. Did he ever have an STI, does he practice safe sex, and to an extent the type and character of his exes. They also stand against me in numbers, but they do support sharing the need to know information. One response was that men can’t handle the truth. Women only need to share the relationships that actually meant something, and not the one guy you hooked up with that one time. They say men don’t know how to deal with a woman’s sexual history, hence alterations to the truth is necessary to preserve their sanity and ego.

But what exactly is the acceptable number and how do we go about arriving at that number? An old friend once said, he calculates based on age, how early the woman engaged in sex, how long she should wait (in his opinion) after a relationship has ended to start a new one and how to decipher which relationship is worth the intimacy. In the end he thinks a 25 year old, should NOT exceed 3 partners and any woman who exceeds this number has questionable character.

With all that being said, if you were to find out the amount of sexual partners your current partner had, would that change the way you feel about him or her? If he or she asks, would you be willing to share your number or would you alter it? Is there an acceptable number in comparison to age?  Are numbers even that important?

Btw… what’s your number? Lol


The Popularity of Oral

If you are from, associated with, or know anything about Jamaica, then you’ll know that the mention of the word ‘oral’ automatically warrants a raised brow response. Well, fast forward a couple years, and it’s rather surprising to see and hear how much we have embraced the ‘oral culture’.
In Jamaica we have colorful ways of saying things… bow cat, nyam, eat, head, brain, chicken head and the list goes on.
The correct terms however:
Cunnilingus-Oral stimulation of the clitoris or vulva.
Fellatio- Oral stimulation of the penis. 
Though none of the above mentioned is new to society or at least the Jamaican society, it was never glorified to the degree it is at now. In fact, ‘fire bun’ on any man or woman who is known to partake in such ‘freaky’ acts. It was one of those taboo things, and people would hide the fact that they do it. Better yet, the easiest way to disrespect someone or embarrass them, was to accuse them of engaging in the act.
Now in 2014, it has become the norm for men and women to openly admit that they are partakers of this once ‘freaky’ act. What people do in the privacy of their homes is not my concern; what I’m talking about is the fact that mentioning oral sex is a pick up line these days.
As a woman, with every approach from the opposite sex, they make mention of the fact that they’ll lick, eat, taste and bite every crevice of the female body. For women who aren’t exposed, maybe it’s a deal maker, but for me (not saying that I’m use to it) but for me, I need to know you and you need to know me before you can bring certain aspects of intimacy into play. I wonder if these men that go around promising ALL women a taste, know anything about their sexual history and how clean these women are.
I always hit them with questions:
Do you know me?
Do you know how many men I’ve slept with? 
Do you know my medical history?
How do you know I’m not infected? 
If you ask me, ‘if you eat at too much yard, you must have running belly.’ I don’t trust a mouth that licks all plates. It’s actually one of the biggest turn offs for me when men approach me with that.
Now I can’t speak for the men as it relates to  women approaching them, but from the info I’ve gathered from my male friends, it is also something women use to get to men who may be out of their league, or men who aren’t easily swayed.
I will admit that in this changing time, more and more things are becoming acceptable, or at least out in the open . Also with people like Vybz Kartel ( and I love his music) who pretty much shoved in our faces, women aren’t afraid to say ‘yes, I do it or I’ll do it.’ In fact it’s all I hear in the songs these days… Men telling women to do it, women admitting that they do it, and a few brave men who’ll actually hint at doing it. I remember when Cecile did a song back in the day called ‘Do it to me’, and the backlash that followed. Had she done that song today I’m sure the responses would have been way different. Our musical acts today openly sing about it and it’s ok. Men and women openly discuss it and no one cares anymore. It has become the ‘go to line of discussion’ when trying to appeal to the opposite sex. But it still leaves me wondering ‘what’s with the popularity oral?’ 
I have no problem with people exploring their intimate side, but I believe it should remain between two people are open and honest with each other, and committed to the extent where these sexual favours are privy to only them. Don’t go offering every woman or every man the wrath of your tongue… ESPECIALLY TO PEOPLE YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. And then we wonder why there are so many diseases around.
How many of these men are using dental dams when performing oral sex with random women?
How many of these women are insisting that the men to give ‘head’ to, use a condom?
How many people inquire about the other person’s sexual history?
How many random people do you spread your face for?
All being said and done, to each his own. My only thing is, if you don’t know me then don’t step to me with your oral tendencies hoping I’ll be frightened. Stop offering every woman and or man your tongue… Have some pride! Keep your bedroom acts in your bedroom, and keep your wagging tongues off the streets. Reserve a little bit of the intimacy for the ones most deserving, and stop trying to ‘clean’ up. It’s a turn off!
Side note: Some a unu mouth must stink… Yuck!

Stop Making Excuses For Him!!!

At age 28, too many times I see women making excuses for the dumb shit their men do. Too often he fucks up, and we take the blame. 
He cheats; we say maybe I didn’t do enough to keep him home, maybe I didn’t give him enough sex or sexual favors.
He lies; we say maybe I made it hard for him to tell tell the truth, maybe he’s protecting my feelings and doesn’t want to hurt me.
He’s disrespectful; we say maybe I made him mad or I said something mean first and that’s why he responds or acts the way he does.
He’s abusive; we say he hits me to keep me in check, he only wants me to be the best person I can be. 
I could on and on about the dumb excuses we make to make their asses look good when they are messing up, but I’m sure you get the picture.
Before I go any further, this blog is in no way an attack on men; if anything it’s targeting women! Because in this the 21st century, I am in awe as to how dumb some women can be and how they choose to settle in bullshit situations and make stupid ass excuses. I am very passionate about this blog because it’s something I see with my very own eyes, day in and day out and it annoys me. 
I am not going to pretend like at some point in my life I haven’t made an excuse or two for the one I’m with, BUT when all you do is defend someone’s wrong and carry their cross, it makes me wonder how low our self esteem and self worth really is. Do we need a man’s justification to feel like we have value. I think we have come way too far in fighting for gender equality, and being on the same level as men, for us to take this HUGE step back, by being shitted on by men. To me we have given back to them, what we fought so damn hard for. 
I want to know at what point did we become so backward, that we resort to being submissive and devalued because we are the ‘inferior’ sex? I want to know when did it become acceptable for women to be burden bearers and be crucified for crimes we didn’t commit? I want to know when did women become so belittled that we give of our worth to protect a man’s pride and ego.
They say maturity has a lot to do with the way we behave and operate in relationships. But being mature can only get you that far. I think at some point you need to be street smart. And by street Smart I mean, taking advice from someone who has already played your role; going beyond the books and figuring out on your own right from wrong; having that sixth sense or that third eye. Being able to decipher and make intelligent decisions based on what you know and feel to be acceptable. Street smarts can’t be taught in schools but you learn it the hard way. And that’s what a lot on women are throwing out the door, by playing by the books. We are far past the stage of playing by the books, because men don’t! So we need to be on their level and show them that we too know how to ride the same wave they ride. 
Men will be men, and when we let them, then don’t you think they are going to treat us any kind of way. We let them!!! So yes it’s wrong for them to treat us like garbage, but if we let them and defend the treatment then wtf do you expect in return but flies, additional waste and more shit! I have already received my lesson by being there and back, and I can’t hold it against a man for being a man… But I will hold it against a woman, for not being a woman. So go ahead and let him… If not, stop making excuses for him!!! 
Again I am NOT bashing our men; they are who they are. And though I hate to even entertain the thought that they were born with asshole tendencies, I also can’t be too surprised when they mess up because it’s in their nature. But what I REFUSE to accept, is a woman who accepts their behavior with open arms and then take the blame for themselves. A can’t accept a woman choice to be reduce to dirt for a man’s sake. I WILL NOT accept a woman making herself dumb to make any man look good. WTF! STOP IT WOMEN!!!
Then you expect him to change…*shrugs* 

The 90 Day Rule

We have all seen the movie or read the book, ‘Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man’. For me, it has been both and there is one topic in particular that I want to address in this blog; The 90-day rule. 
They say a woman can’t be a woman by doing the things a man does. What may be acceptable and ok for men, is frowned upon when a woman does it. I once saw this animation that read:
Woman: Master, why is that when a man has sex with many women he is considered a champion, but when a woman has sex with many men she is considered a whore? 
Man: Listen well my child… A key that has the ability to open many locks is a master key, but a lock that can be opened with any key is useless. 
Funny but true…
I wish to address the issue of how long it takes for the ‘lock’ to be opened, as opposed to the amount of ‘keys’ entered in that lock.
In the movie, Steve spoke of a Fortune 500 company that took 90 days to issue their benefit packages, and so should women when it applies to relationships. 90 days is what is considered the average time for one to decide if the relationship is headed in the right direction or not. But is it that women who take a shorter time are giving it up way too easy or quickly? Is it that women who take a shorter time may just have seen enough to make them take the chance? Is it wrong for a woman to live in the moment and take that chance?
I have not been in a position where I felt so sexually connected or attracted to someone where I needed to experience the intimacy, but I have heard many times of persons experiencing that kind of chemistry with someone. My questions would then be: Do you think less of a woman if she gives it up before the 90 days? Does it matter how long you wait? Isn’t it really about the natural feeling of it happening whenever it does… 90 days or not? Who actually sits around with a calendar and cross 90 days off? 
Having spoken to my male friends about the issue, and even taking reference from the movie itself, men think 90 days is way too long. And if they are aware that our aim is to get to the 90 day mark, they’ll stick around long enough to get the ‘cookie’ and STILL leave if that’s all they really wanted. Wouldn’t you agree that men are persistent and patient and will wait as long as it takes to get the sex? And if it is that it requires 90 days then so be it?
My thing is not putting a time on when sexual intimacy in brought into a relationship. I think things should have a natural progression and happen when it feels right. Yes I think sex on the first night isn’t the ideal way to go, but I try not to judge a woman who feels it is her sexual right to share that with someone if she feels the need to in 90 minutes or 90 hours. They always say there is that one guy that can make a woman give of herself in the blink of an eye, and for those who oppose, they are yet to meet him. They say sexual chemistry between two people can be so strong that you feel compelled to go ahead and take a shot. They also say the woman who does this, leaves nothing for the man to chase because he got it without much effort. But if it is that a guy wants to stick around, whether it be 90 days, weeks or months, does it really matter when? And what happens to the woman who waits 90 days and is still left after? 
In the end it takes me back to chemistry… If it feels right, it feels right. And though a company’s probation period may be 90 days, the job is still not guaranteed once the 90 days have expired. 
We have a way of playing the part to get a role, and once we are in our attitude changes. Men will tell you what you want to hear and do what he thinks is necessary to survive the 90 days, because his goal is at the end is to get the cookie. So who really puts a time on intimacy? Shouldn’t it be because it’s meant to; without being easy of course? And if after 90 days he isn’t quite where he should be, do you give him 90 more? 
Get your markers and Calendars ready… it all goes down in 90 days. 
Btw, i don’t think the 90 day rule is literally 90 days, but having passed that benchmark, you can consider getting physical.

Can You Truly be Single and Happy?


This blog came by way of a conversation I had with a girlfriend- Roechelle- and it definitely sparked my interest. It is quite typical for people to assume that once you are not happy, or you don’t feel fulfilled, then it’s because of the lack of a partner or in Jamaican terms ‘oil waah release’. A lot of times I find myself yearning, needing, wanting more, missing something, feeling incomplete, miserable, tormented, discombobulated and feeling chaotic. Should I express these feelings to anyone, their first response is “you need a man/sex”. So it makes me wonder, do we really need a relationship to fulfill us? Can we be truly happy to its fullest extent without having someone’s input? When we say ‘Single and happy’ are we fooling ourselves?

Surveys have become a part of my blogs because it’s important to hear someone else’s perspective. So here goes:

R.I- The answer is two-folds: YES because truly accepting who you are is the first step of being happy… You have attained happiness when you can truly enjoy what you love of yourself… when you can truly accept being alone. But at the end of the day, no matter what – It’s simply human nature to desire…

S.O – I’m not TRULY happy when I’m single, but I’m ok…everybody need dem somebody #EveryHoeHaveDemTickABush

‎D.C- But must… having that relationship is the ultimate achievement in life‎.

R.H- Yes you can be happy without a partner but the question is for how long. Yes we need companionship to experience complete happiness…

‎D.M- Yes you can be happy without a partner. Some relationships do make us happy; some are like out of hell. Happiness is never complete but it is workable.

C.L- I don’t think anyone needs to be in a relationship to completely be happy. Single life will bring about feelings of loneliness at times but it comes and goes.‎ If people learn to appreciate their own company like myself, then they won’t need a companion to be happy.

‎T.C- It all depends on your personality and the friends and family you have around you that will determine if you’re happy or sad. ‎Also if you don’t enjoy your own company or space you’ll be unhappy alone. 

A.H- You know me already, I don’t need a soul. You can be happy with or without a partner. It’s all about choices and what you really like and want. Some people need companionship and some can do without it.

O.R- No you can’t, ‎I believe you need someone to share the ups and the downs with.

‎L.H- Not sure if I’d say you can be truly happy without a partner because at some point or the other you are gonna need companionship, someone not necessarily to have sex with but to talk to and share things with… You can also be happy with and within yourself and have no need for a companion. At the end of the day it’s all about you.  

T.M- You can be single and happy. However according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs companionship is needed to complete an individual. So ultimately you are gonna yearn for more just because it’s a natural human tendency. 

C.S- You don’t NEED companionship to be truly happy. One should strive to be emotionally independent yet make room in your heart for someone you WANT to share your life with. But I think a part of being truly happy in a relationship is by first learning to be happy with yourself… I believe that everyone should have that someone to share their life with… We weren’t designed to b alone, or Adam would be in the garden by himself.

‎I specifically placed the last two responses at the end, because they contain something that echoes in my head and heart. We Were NOT Designed To Be Alone. Genesis 2:18 Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.”

What I want to clarify is, yes we can be content and happy within ourselves; we can be comfortable and embrace who we are and that in itself makes us happy. In fact we first need to develop that level of happiness on our own, in order to understand happiness and be able to in turn share it. I agree with the responses that unless we learn to be happy with who we are, we can’t extend that happiness to someone else, and we won’t know how to treat happiness once received. For someone who relies solely on a partner to make them happy, to me, that is a death sentence for the relationship; it places too much burden on the partner. And we can’t be so consumed that when a relationship ends, our happiness in its entirety goes too. So yes, love you and be happy with you. Enjoy being single; claim happiness on your own, but I don’t think it’s happiness to highest degree.

I think it’s 50/50. Imagine being happy with you and your partner being happy with themselves; combined it’s a lethal dose of joy. Happiness shouldn’t make you yearn. Loneliness is a side effect of being single, it eats away at our joy and the only remedy is companionship. So if you are single and happy, you shouldn’t feel lonely, because loneliness means you want more; and wanting more means you’re not complete; and completion that you can’t acquire on your own, MUST come from someone else. Now it’s not guaranteed that once in a relationship, your happiness is automatic. It requires two happy people, to make a happy whole. So if one half the whole is not at the required level then don’t expect the other half to fix your incompetence.

I try as best as possible to write open minded without giving away too much of me, but for this post I’ll share me. I’m single and a lot of times i’m unhappy… and I think it’s because I haven’t been able to reach my target independently. I’m still working on completing my 50% before I even think of sharing me with someone else. So it’s not that my oil needs to be changed –lol- or I need a man, I just need to be a happy me first. Pheewwww that was hard to say. I’d suggest to those of us who are expecting happiness from someone else, to expect it from yourself first. That way, no one can bullshit you on what happiness is and should be.

So can you be single and happy? Yes! Is that happiness at its full level of potency? NO!

Long post but I hope you enjoyed the read. Feel free to share, like and comment.


You Down With OPP?


Trying to find the correct percentage or ratio for men to women in relationships is quite an uphill battle. What is a known fact is that there are more women who need love and companionship, than men available to give it.

The ratio women to men in Jamaica is about 13-1. Take from that, the men who are incarcerated, deceased, homosexuals and otherwise unavailable. The number then drastically increases to probably twice the before mentioned figure. It leaves the question; women… are you down with OPP?

OPP-Other people’s property.

Given the fact that there aren’t enough men to go around, based on the ratio, if you happen to come across someone who is unavailably-available, would you be willing to be the other woman?

Now, I don’t want the term ‘other woman’ to be looked at in a negative light, though many may say there is no positive spin to being the other woman. But let’s forget the colourful terms we use to call the other woman…. side chick, side piece, matey, #2, next gyal, sweetheart, etc. Can a woman, separate and apart from the woman at home, be just as involved in a man’s life? If so, is her position accepted, respected or frowned upon?

I like to do mini surveys about my blogs to get second and third opinions before I post them. My views aren’t necessarily your views, but the sharing of information gives better insight and varied outlooks. They are:

“Hells no! I don’t share full stop. Can you imagine in this weather I have to wait my turn… wifey have him under lock and key”

“I don’t agree with it because at the end of the day it’s regarded as cheating no matter how you see it. Also, how would you feel if you were on the other side of the fence… Karma is a hell of a woman.” That’s the politically correct answer, but “sometimes some a dem people yah deserve a whole bakery under dem skin”

“I think she who does is just nasty!”

“I am not one to judge, do what makes you comfortable. And then again I’m a man, who wouldn’t want more than one woman”

“Mi nuh believe more women around. You women need to be patient.”

“I don’t care for it. One person me a deh with at a time.”

“Of course, in this day and age… Men aren’t faithful and make women do crazy things. If you’re with OPP then you ain’t got nutn to worry about.” Less stress… let wifey worry.

Before I continue, first answer me this question… Can a person be in love and share a bond with more than one individual at once? (Maybe that should be my next blog lol)

When you consider polygamous relationships in countries and traditions where it’s acceptable and the norm, then the thought of sharing a partner is every-day life. But because of how we are socialized, do you think that’s the reason why we look at the ‘other woman’ as the home wrecker? Do you believe that women who date men who are already involved are intentionally trying to tear apart a union? Do they have ulterior motives, moving up the chart to #1? Or is it that because of the lack of good men, and the inconvenience caused by their circumstances (death, prison, etc) why women choose to be with someone who may already be involved, but has room for her needs? Are all ‘sweethearts’ out for the position, or is the need to be loved and wanted the driving force for women in these situations?

Personally, I believe in having my own. Like someone said, I wouldn’t want to have to wait my turn. But then I think to myself, if I’m not able to be ‘the one’ would I be open to being one of? And in another comment, is it that women aren’t willing to wait why they settle? What about the woman who has been waiting, the one who has waited years, does she get a pass?

I do believe that when it’s your time, no one can take that away from you. Like old people say “every hoe have dem stick ah bush”. But with this rise in women openly and willingly partaking in these kinds of relationships, does that saying still stand? Or do we blame the men for not stepping up and making themselves worthy and available so as to prevent sharing?

At the end of the day, whilst not joining the OPP movement, I can understand why some women may do it. And I also know what it’s like to be the woman being cheated on, and I wouldn’t wish it on my enemy. But to each her own, who am I to judge?

So, are you down with OPP?


Check the link attached for “O.P.P.” a number-one 1991 hit song recorded by rap group Naughty by Nature